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When do you Need to Talk to an Elder Law Attorney?

You or someone you love may have Medicare, Social Security and modest savings in place, but these “safety net” protections are often not enough. Many people face major medical issues as they age. That’s where consulting an Elder Law Attorney comes in – to help you plan properly for the future and/or address the legal and care issues that you already face.

We help our clients in several facets of Elder Law, including:

  • Advance Directives & Power of Attorney – Everyone should have a health care proxy appointing an agent who can make medical decisions if you are unable to do so. Those with more serious medical issues may choose to put a “MOLST” or Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment in place. With Deepankar’s counsel, many older adults also are able to appoint a Power of Attorney who can act on their behalf regarding financial and legal decisions, which can obviate the need for a Guardianship proceeding. 

  • Asset Preservation – With growing longevity, older adults often need long term care for many years. With Deepankar’s careful guidance on trusts and other instruments, individuals can secure the care they need for many years to come and preserve a legacy for their loved ones. See also Medicaid Planning.

  • Health Care Facility Discharge – Those who need additional care after discharge from a hospital, nursing home, or rehabilitation center face complicated regulations and financial pressures.  Sometimes, in the midst of a health care crisis, families are confronted with lengthy and confusing agreements which they are told they must sign at once. Deepankar will advocate for you to make sure that your rights and assets are protected. 

  • Caring for the Incapacitated – Sometimes, an older person or one with special needs is unable to care for themselves over the long term. Deepankar can help decide if a formal Guardianship arrangement is needed and, if so, put the process in motion with the Westchester County Courts.

How Deepankar Mukerji is Specially Qualified to Help You

Deepankar has spent his legal career in the Elder Law field and brings these decades of experience to patiently listen and explain the legal ramifications to you. As the recent Chair of the Elder Law & Special Needs Section of the New York State Bar Association, he is one of the top elder lawyers in New York State, yet maintains a small, personal, and friendly practice. Deepankar is an accessible and flexible solo practitioner. For example, he can come to your home if you are unable to travel.  Whatever your needs are, he will work to accommodate them.

Have a question about elder law or elder care? Contact Deepankar for a consultation. 

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