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How Can an Attorney Help You After A Loved One Dies?

Valuing an estate’s assets, getting through the Probate process in New York State, and filing an estate tax return can all seem daunting, especially if you are still mourning your loved one.  Documents are long and complex and subject to careful review by court officials. 

While good advance planning can help, much can be done after a death to expedite the process and lessen your stress.    

Deepankar can help you with many aspects of estate administration, including:

  • Preparing all filings – Deepankar will work with executors to value all assets and prepare documents in such a way that avoids delays before the Will is admitted to Probate. 

  • Monitoring the Process – Our practice will manage all aspects of the Probate process until Letters of Testamentary are issued and executors appointed. We also perform heir searches on occasion. 

  • Fulfilling Estate Obligations - Deepankar will work with the executors to pay any outstanding debts; he then helps your accountant on preparing and filing the estate tax return. 

  • Monitoring Distributions – Deepankar will make sure that distributions are handled expeditiously, whether through a revocable or irrevocable Trust or a traditional Probate process.

Why Deepankar Mukerji is Specially Qualified to Help You

Deepankar has extensive experience representing clients in probate and administration proceedings before Westchester County Surrogates Court. With a small Westchester-based practice, he can see everything through from start to finish and watches for and then avoids potential delays. 

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