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When Should a Guardianship Arrangement be Considered for a Loved One?

Under New York State Law, children under the age of 18 must have a legal guardian should both of their parents pass away, or for those who are developmentally delayed or disabled.

In addition, guardianships also apply to older adults who are no longer able to take care of themselves, especially if a Power of Attorney or Health Care Proxy is not in place or are insufficient or if (tragically), elder abuse is occurring. 

We help our clients in several facets of Guardianship including:

  • Evaluation – Deepankar helps the client/family evaluate the situation and determine whether existing legal documents and support structures can continue or if a guardianship is more appropriate. 

  • Article 81 Guardianship Proceedings – establishing a guardianship for an individual who is unable to take care of themselves due to old age, Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other factors.

  • Article 17- A – Guardianship proceedings – establishing a guardianship for an intellectually disabled or developmentally disabled individual. 

  • Guardian Appointments – Deepankar will work with the client or family member on who should be appointed Guardian – a relative or a neutral, trustworthy third party. He can also serve as both the Guardian and advisor to the appointed Guardian. 

  • Administration – Deepankar can fulfill the Guardian’s many responsibilities. Filing of detailed annual reports to the County Clerk is just one important thing that the appointed Guardian must do.

Why you Should Consider Deepankar Mukerji for a Guardianship Matter

Deepankar has served as a Guardian under the direction of the Supreme Court of Westchester County and has helped others to be appointed Guardian. He is both compassionate and passionate about protecting the at-risk person who is in need of a Guardian and has worked on both uncontested and highly-contested matters.

He makes himself highly accessible to the Ward and their family.  

Do you have a question about Guardianship? Contact Deepankar today. 

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