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Why you Need Help Navigating through Medicaid Regulations 

While Medicaid is a federal program, the state you live in heavily drives the program rules and regulations and those affecting Medicaid are particularly complex. For example, you can retain assets and income and still qualify for Medicaid, though this process is stringently regulated. Since 2020 in particular, New York State and its Medicaid Redesign Team have proposed and in some cases implemented major changes. 

Deepankar will help you consider these and other aspects of Medicaid Planning. 

  • Funding Medicaid, through the transfer of assets into an Asset Protection Trust, enrollment in a Pooled Income trust, execution of a promissory note, or use of spousal planning. 

  • Types of Medicaid - Deepankar will explain the differences between Home Care Medicaid and Nursing Home Care

  • Personal Services Agreements - These allow another family member to get paid for care, while assets are transferred for Medicaid eligibility. 

  • Medicaid Applications - Deepankar can assist you with the sometimes complex process of submitting a Medicaid application, including ensuring that ALL required financial documents are in hand.

Why is Deepankar Mukerji Specially Qualified to Help You with Medicaid Planning

In addition to decades of experience as an Elder Law Attorney in private practice,

  • Deepankar is highly informed on the New York Medicaid regulatory environment, by serving recently as Chair of the Elder Law & Special Needs Section of the New York State Bar Association. 

  • He also draws on 12 years working for Westchester County and understands the government's perspective on Home Care Medicaid, coverage for nursing home care, and much more. 

Does the web of NY State Medicaid Regulations Make You Uncomfortable?  Do you know what the latest regulations require?  Contact Deepankar Mukerji today with your question.

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